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EZ-walls Plant Protectors
EZ-walls Plant Protectors are one of the most revolutionary frost protection ideas to hit the market in a long time.  EZ-walls are designed to provide excellent frost protection to your tender plants down to 16 degrees!  This much needed improvement to an old and cumbersome concept is a welcome sight to the garden scene.  They are made from a tough 6 mil, UV resistant plastic.  As we all know, durability in the garden is a must!

The closed fill tube section at the top allows for very easy set up.  You simply insert your garden hose in the opening and turn on your water!  The closed fill tube keeps the water flowing around the EZ-wall filling each cylinder as it goes around, and keeps you from getting soaked in the process.  Once the EZ-wall is filled with water (accomplished in around 60 seconds) you can draw the top closed with the drawstring and let the sun get to work heating the water in the EZ-wall and the soil. 

EZ-walls provide a cost effective mini greenhouse-like setting for your plants and the drawstring top ensures that your tender plants will be protected from settling frost, hail or wind.  This is a great feature that anyone will appreciate who has ever stood by helplessly as you see hail or wind destroy their plants.  The closed drawstring top also makes the EZ-walls far more resistant to wind toppling and water evaporation. 

The set up is a breeze for people who suffer from limited mobility and arthritis.  Another great feature is the portability.  If you need to fill them up in one place and cart them off to another spot in the garden, just draw the top closed, grab and go!  This innovative product is a great addition to the gardeners arsenal!  

3 pack EZ-walls  $11.99 + $10.50 shipping

6 pack EZ-walls  $22.99 + $12.50 shipping

9 pack EZ-walls  $33.99 + $14.95 shipping

12 pack EZ-walls $43.99 + $15.95 shipping

15 pack EZ-walls $53.95 + $17.90 shipping

Please be careful to select the related PayPal button for the quantity you want to purchase!  If quantities are changed on the PayPal screen the order will be rejected due to shipping constraints.  Please see below for information pertaining to
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*Shipping charges will apply at PayPal checkout.  We take every step possible to ship to you at the lowest price available.  We only ship in the continental United States through the use of the PayPal buttons above.  If you are needing a delivery outside of the continental United States please contact us so we may discuss the options and charges that will apply. Thanks! 

If you would like to order larger quantities further discounts will apply please contact us for details!

These larger quantities are boxed without excess bagging to keep weight down and packaging as small as possible. 

*Standard mail or UPS is recommended for larger quantities as weight and shipping distance need to be calculated to give you the best possible price.

Please contact us to discuss your large quantity shipping options!

Please take a moment to view the EZ-walls video and you'll see why it's a must-have for your garden!                     

Reusable Canning Lids!
It's come full circle with a twist:

The canning lid has been revolutionized once again!  If you can or you want to can, you really should check out the Tattler Reusable Canning Jar Lids!  If you hate the idea and the expense (ever-increasing by the way!) of buying traditional canning lids and having to throw them out after each use, consider buying these.  They are reminiscent of the old-style, 2 piece lid that your grandmother used except the "lids" are plastic instead of the old glass type.  They are PBA free, reusable, and they work with your existing rings and jars!  The idea is catching on quickly and local outlets for these are popping up in neighborhoods all over the county. 
Check out Cool Creek Ranch:

See how a group is doing it in the White Mountains of Arizona!  Check out Cindy's Eco-Farm Blog for some wonderful ideas on planting potatoes and 
building eco-friendly fences!  Psst.... she also makes the most wonderful soaps from goats milk!




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